At Banks Benchtops, we provide quality stone bathroom benchtops. Our custom-made benchtops are crafted from the finest materials and are designed to complement your bathroom décor. With a wide range of stone colours available including brands like Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Royal Victoria Collection, YDL Stone, we'll help you elevate the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Our experienced professionals will ensure that every detail is taken care of, from the initial consultation to the final installation.

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Quartz Bathroom Benchtops

Quartzite is a natural stone that is remarkably hard, durable and beautiful.

Due to its aesthetic appeal and durability, quartzite or quartz has gained significant popularity among designers and architects as a decorative stone, particularly for bathroom benchtops. Its remarkable resistance to stains and hard-wearing surface makes it an ideal choice for anyone who seeks both style and practicality in their countertops.

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Marble Bathroom Benchtops

Marble has stood the test of time as the epitome of elegance and remains a sought-after choice for stone bathroom benchtops.

Marble is a highly coveted natural stone that is renowned for its beautiful veining and luxurious appearance. While it is softer and more delicate compared to other stones, it is perfect for intricate designs and sculpting, making it an excellent choice for bathroom benchtops.

On the Gold Coast, Calacatta, Carrara, and Elba are the most popular marble options for bathroom benchtops, offering a luxury touch to any bathroom. However, while marble is ideal for bathroom benchtops, it isn’t resistant to stains and scratches.

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Granite Bathroom Benchtops

Granite is a beautiful natural stone with exceptional durability.

Granite is a highly durable natural stone that is incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to abrasion, impacts, scratches, etching, and weathering. Its chemical properties make it an ideal material for bathroom benchtops, where it can withstand daily wear and tear.

While black, white, pink, and grey are the most common granite colors, it’s also available in shades of blue, green, brown, and red, providing a versatile range of options to suit any bathroom design.

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Concrete Bathroom Benchtops

Concrete benchtops have become a popular choice for bathrooms as they are robust and durable.

A concrete bathroom benchtop is crafted from a combination of cement, aggregates, and water, which is then poured into a mold and cured to create a sturdy and long-lasting surface.

While concrete is a popular material for bathroom benchtops, it’s also a common choice for kitchen benchtops, laundry benchtops and outdoor entertainment areas, due to its durability and versatility.

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Caesarstone Bathroom Benchtops

Caesarstone is renowned for its extensive array of designs and colours, as well as its versatility and exceptional durability.

Caesarstone, an engineered stone surface made by blending natural quartz with polymer resins and pigments, is a durable, non-porous material that resists scratches, stains, and heat.

It is easy to clean and maintain, making it a preferred choice for bathroom benchtops and kitchen countertops, as well as splashbacks, walls, and flooring.

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Stone Benchtop Features

Mitred Edge
Waterfall Edge
Stone Thickness
Stone Texture
Undermount Sink
stone bathroom benchtops

A mitred edge is a stylish option for stone bathroom benchtops. This technique involves cutting two pieces of stone at a 45-degree angle and joining them seamlessly, resulting in a sleek and modern appearance.

Mitred edges are commonly used for stone vanity tops and can create a waterfall effect. This technique works well with a variety of stone materials such as granite, marble, and quartzite, making it a versatile choice for bathroom renovations.

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Banks Benchtops offers luxurious stone bathroom benchtops with a waterfall edge profile. This design extends the stone benchtop vertically down the sides, creating a stunning cascading effect like a waterfall.

The waterfall edge is a great choice for anyone seeking a sleek and contemporary look for their bathroom design. Banks Benchtops provides the waterfall profile for engineered, marble, quartzite, and granite bathroom benchtops, for the perfect finish to your bathroom design.

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When it comes to stone bathroom benchtops, the thickness of the slab does not affect the design, only the appearance.

At Banks Benchtops, we offer the option of either mitred benchtops or solid 30mm stone benchtops. While mitred benchtops provide a seamless look, solid stone benchtops can be a great alternative. They require less manufacturing, which makes them more cost-effective while still offering a stylish and durable solution for bathroom benchtops.

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For stone bathroom benchtops, there are three finishes available: polished, matt/honed, and textured. A polished finish is the most luxurious option, where the stone surface is polished to the highest level, resulting in a shiny and elegant appearance with a deep color tone. On the other hand, a matt or honed finish offers a less reflective surface and a more subdued appearance.

Textured finishes are exclusive to natural stone materials. A leather finish enhances the stone’s natural appearance while remaining easy to clean. A flamed finish, typically used for granite benchtops, is rougher and provides a more rugged look. Regardless of the chosen finish, stone offers durability and longevity, making it an excellent choice for bathroom benchtops.

20mm white bathroom vanity with vein

If you’re considering a stone benchtop for your bathroom, it’s an excellent opportunity to also install an undermount sink. Undermount sinks are installed beneath the benchtop surface, creating a seamless and streamlined appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Undermount sinks are particularly suitable for minimalist bathroom designs and add a modern and sophisticated touch. They also eliminate the need for additional cutting or drilling into the benchtop, resulting in a cleaner and more elegant finish. Choose an undermount sink to complement your stone bathroom benchtop and elevate your bathroom design.

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What types of natural stone are suitable for bathroom benchtops?

Engineered, quartzite, marble, granite, concrete and Caesarstone are all popular choices for bathroom benchtops due to their durability and aesthetic appeal.

What are the advantages of using quartzite for bathroom benchtops?

Quartzite is a hard-wearing and stain-resistant natural stone that offers unparalleled quality and a beautiful aesthetic.

What are the advantages of using granite for bathroom benchtops?

Granite is a highly durable natural stone that can withstand daily wear and tear, making it ideal for bathroom benchtops. It is also available in a versatile range of colors.

How do I maintain my stone bathroom benchtop?

Stone bathroom benchtops require simple cleaning with warm water or a mild household cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge, while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. Avoid direct contact with acidic or corrosive substances. Marble and granite bathroom benchtops need to be sealed up to once a year, whereas engineered stone never needs to be sealed.

What is Caesarstone and why is it a popular choice for bathroom benchtops?

Caesarstone is an engineered stone surface made by blending natural quartz with polymer resins and pigments. It is a durable, non-porous material that resists scratches, stains, and heat, making it a preferred choice for bathroom benchtops.

Can I install a stone bathroom benchtop without replacing my cabinets?

Yes, you can install a stone bathroom benchtop without replacing your cabinets. This is a great way to give your bathroom a fresh new look without the expense of changing all the cabinetry.

How long will it take to get my stone bathroom benchtop?

At Banks Benchtops, we strive to ensure that the entire process of installing your stone bathroom benchtops is seamless and well-organised.

To begin, we require a signed go-ahead quote and a 50% deposit to order the stone for your benchtop. Once we have the stone in our factory one week before the install date, we schedule the job two weeks in advance, allowing ample time for planning and measuring.

We typically measure on a Monday and install the benchtop that Thursday. This process ensures that we have enough time to plan and organise everything, providing you with the best possible service and an efficient installation process.

How do I choose the right colour and design for my stone bathroom benchtop?

When choosing the colour and design of your stone bathroom benchtop, it’s important to consider the style and colour scheme of your bathroom.

At Banks Benchtops, we work with a variety of brands that offer a huge range of styles and colours for stone benchtops in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Our team can give you expert advice to ensure you make the right decision when choosing your bathroom benchtop.

How much does it cost to install a stone bathroom benchtop?

The cost of installing a stone bathroom benchtop can vary depending on the type of stone, the size of the benchtop, and the complexity of the installation.

Banks Benchtops offers instant online quotes for stone kitchen benchtops in throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.